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Cashless solution


Our solution covers the entire customer experience. From the ticket purchase, through ticket verification, access and experience during the event.

  • Remote check-in
  • Access control
  • Cashless payments
  • Business intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automatics reconciliation
Decentralized communication


Decentralized and unstoppable protocol for end-to-end encrypted data and messages transmission between users.


No central authorities that can set limitations.

E2E Encrypted

Designed to overcome any surveillance attempt or alteration.


Send end-to-end encrypted messages to other users.


Securely storing and distributing data over the network.


Share files with friends or publicly; you choose.


Any community member can create a node in minutes.


Guarantees the complete integrity of the data.


Store data and processes securely and distributed.


All data records are stored distributed so can not be altered.


We adapt the product to the exact needs of the client to offer only the best solution.

Traceability in your company


Permissioned opensource blockchain focused on storage and distributed data recording with high performance and reliability.

Let's play!

Arker: The legend oh Ohm

Delve into the lands of Ohm, recruit your hero and fight in exciting
online strategic battles against other players from around the world.

Crypto in-game economy

The first videogame using a cryptocurrency to reward the player for each battle they win. The whole in-game economy of the game is based on the token.

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Free-to-play multiplayer game

Free multiplayer online strategy game where players must recruit heroes of different classes to help them in their fight for the city of Ohm and win the strange mineral of great value called ARKER.

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Unity SDK

Create and implement a cryptocurrency in your game with just a few lines of code. If your game has been developed in the Unity engine you have everything ready to start using a cryptocurrency.

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Physical crypto-payments


Payment gateway for cryptocurrencies with support for multiple currencies. Offers the possibility of using contactless cards for payment in physical stores.

Waves Platform services

Wavesing Node

Payout for leasing

Wavesing Node distribute 100% earned WAVES from transactions fees with their leasers.

Governance system

Decentralized decision system where each participant can vote with their wallet.

Offline wallets

A library that allows to create Waves Platform network wallets offline and securely.

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